About Us

Inspired Fine Art Gallery  is dedicated to the exploration and representation of artists who reflect a spiritual passion within their works.

It is our mission to share that passion with our viewers and clients, providing an online gallery experience that is evocative and inspiring. 


JOHN CAMIE, Artist Representative

John J. Camie is a Creative Producer with extensive experience in theater, motion pictures, television and event planning.

John graduated from Washington University with a liberal arts degree in English and Drama. He was a natural on the stage and actively pursued his talents as an actor/director for several years. Always wanting to expand his horizons, he moved nto the role of a producer, developing one of the first children’s touring theater in St. Louis, Missouri.

Trained by the Army as a photographer/cameraman, he continued his career with Guggenheim Productions where he honed his craft in documentary filmmaking.

John became the youngest Vice President of the award winning educational film division of a highly successful motivational company and later produced and directed innovative political campaigns for local, regional and national candidates. Returning to his documentary roots and lyrical filmmaking, he developed several very successful fund raising videos for charitable organizations.

John’s commitment to supporting community activities inspired his involvement as an event planner and music producer for major festival venues, coordinating corporate sponsorship packages, developing exhibits and overseeing the implementation of his vision.

His experience as a line-producer for several pay-per-view sporting events, music programs, and new television programming pilots further expanded his first-hand knowledge of the details involved in developing and implementing creative projects.

In the 1980’s, John moved toward a deeper connection within himself. The dissolution of what he once felt important expanded his perception of what he now feels is a necessary component to life; that of harmony, peace and beauty.

After years of introspection and personal transformation, John is creating the Inspired Fine Art Gallery as an avenue of hope and inspiration for those who experience the work of his selected artists.

John’s diverse background in theater, media and special events enables him with unique capabilities to visualize creative and innovative concepts to introduce, share, and market the nspiring works of art from those he represents.